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Torpedo Captor (GOOD? Or Could You Get By Cheaper?)


Torpedo Captor (GOOD? Or Could You Get By Cheaper?) Today I'm taking a look at the Torpedo Captor by Two Notes Audio. It's a reactive load box, plus amp D.I. Is it worth the money, or could you get by with less? I'm going to check it out, and compare it to a passive volume pot in the loop. Enjoy! Check out my Patreon page for music and exclusives: 🤍 For official website (and lessons), visit 🤍 Check out my music on Bandcamp: 🤍 Check out my music on Spotify: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 The gear I most often use (the links are affiliate links): 🤍 Budget gear I recommend: 🤍 (Not so) budget gear I recommend: 🤍

Torpedo Captor X - Идеальный прибор для гитаристов


Наша музыка в itunes: 🤍 Плэйлист с моими 25-ю onetake-овыми плэйтру 🤍 Плэйлист с более чем 80 уроков по гитаре: 🤍 Топовое музыкальное образование: 🤍 мой игровой канал: 🤍 подписывайтесь на 🤍 и всегда первыми получайте обучающий контент Напомню, что по промокоду fredguitarist действуют следующие скидки: 7% в магазине strunki.ru 5% в магазине Pedalzoo Вступайте в нашу группу в VK 🤍 Хотел бы напомнить, что для покупки струн и других аксессуаров для гитары я рекомендую интернет-магазин струн и разных гитарных аксессуаров: 🤍 🤍 где по промокоду fredguitarist вы можете получить скидку 7% Также от себя хочу порекомендовать Pedalzoo - уникальный бутик гитарных примочек, где можно найти как популярные, так и редкие педали эффектов. При заказе используй промокод fredguitarist, чтобы получить скидку 5% ссылки на мой инстаграм и группу в в контакте: 🤍 🤍

Is This Better Than The OX BOX? Two Notes Torpedo Captor X


The new Two Notes Torpedo Captor X is an amp top reactive load/virtual cabinet like the Universal Audio Ox Box...So how do they compare? ———————————— MY VIDEO COURSES: The Complete Nashville Number System video course 🤍 Check Out My Guitar Tone Course Here! 🤍 ———————————— MY PRESETS & PROFILES: Line 6 HX Stomp Presets 🤍 Line 6 Helix & Helix LT Presets 🤍 Kemper Profiles 🤍 Impulse Responses (Helix, Kemper, Iridium & AxeFx) 🤍 ———————————— MY SECOND CHANNEL: Rhett Shull Studio 🤍 MY DISCORD SERVER: 🤍 DEACON KNIGHT (my band): 🤍 ———————————— THE BACKSTAGE JOURNAL PODCAST: (apple) 🤍 (spotify) 🤍 ———————————— SHIPPING ADDRESS: 5805 State Bridge Road Suite G90 Johns Creek Ga 30097 ———————————— My Video Rig (affiliate links) CAMERA: -Sony A7III (affiliate link) 🤍 LENSES: -Sony 24-105mm f4 (affiliate link) 🤍 -Sigma 35mm f1.4 (affiliate link) 🤍 -Sigma 50mm f1.4 (affiliate link) 🤍 LIGHTS: -Neewer LED Panel Bi Color (affiliate link) 🤍 SOUND: -Sennheiser MKH 416 Shotgun Mic (affiliate link) 🤍 -Universal Audio Apollo X4 (affiliate link) 🤍 -Zoom H6 Handy Recorder (affiliate link) 🤍

Two Notes Torpedo Captor - Demo


Lets check out the brand new Captor from Two Notes Audio Engineering! Two Notes: 🤍 Links: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Ask.fm: 🤍

Two Notes Torpedo Captor - Demo Marco Sfogli


Il nuovo Torpedo Captor della Two Notes Engineering è un carico reattivo che ci permette di utilizzare il nostro amplificatore a qualsiasi volume senza necessariamente dover far ricorso ad una cassa... 🤍

The Most Useful Bit Of Gear in 2020? | TwoNotes Captor X


Check out the TwoNotes Captor X here: 🤍 This is the Captor X from TwoNotes! Absolutely packed full of really useful features whether playing at home or on stage. This thing sounds incredible! Video edited by John Hollingworth #twonotes #captorx #rabeaafro ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Feel free to read this ⬇️⬇️⬇️ Hey guys, I’m Rabea. I'm the lead guitarist in Toska, Frog Leap & Dorje where I write music, make songs and have a great time with my mates. I also have my own line of guitars with Chapman Guitars, and I’ve designed numerous products with some really cool companies, such as the Victory Amps VX Kraken. Anyway, i hope you enjoy my videos, thank you for watching! -// MY MUSIC \\ Rabea Massaad - Grinding Gears EP Bandcamp - 🤍 Spotify - 🤍 iTunes/AppleMusic - 🤍 Amazon Music - 🤍 Google Play - 🤍 Toska - 🤍 Frog Leap - 🤍 Dorje - 🤍 -// FOLLOW ME \\ YouTube - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 -// LEARN GUITAR \\ I've created a complete online guitar course with Musicisum - Sign up here: 🤍 Peace & Love

Two Notes Torpedo Captor - Review


The LIVE and STUDIO from Two Notes have made it into many many live rigs and studios around the world. The CAB is a great pedal board speaker simulation solution and makes many people happy, but can't be used behind an amp... not there is a new product that could bridge the gap, give you access to your CAB or software Its and it doesn't even break the bank... and the built in speaker simulation is good enough to work in any live situation... what's not to like? 🤍 Gear from this video at Sweetwater: Two Notes - 🤍 Here is tons of stuff I use in my videos... 🤍 Current LIMITED TIME deals: 🤍 Here are some links to Thomann... Torpedo Captor 🤍 Torpedo Live 🤍 Torpedo Studio 🤍 here is a link to the AMPETE switcher: 🤍 Link to my Patreon account: 🤍 "Make sure to pick up a digital copy of my entire discography, both published and unpublished, at 🤍 Gear from this video at Sweetwater: Two Notes - 🤍 Here is tons of stuff I use in my videos... 🤍 Current LIMITED TIME deals: 🤍

Affordable SILENT amp recording: Two Notes TORPEDO CAPTOR


Affordable SILENT AMP recording: TORPEDO CAPTOR GET IT HERE: 🤍 🤍 Brandon's Band ONII: 🤍 Checking out the awesome new Two Notes Torpedo Captor! Record your tube amp silently and affordably! Yes, they sent it to me... I've been a big fan of the Two Notes stuff for a while. Look for my upcoming demo on the Torpedo Reload as well! (Equipment provided by Two Notes for this demo, and I'm proud to feature them! Seriously, they build great stuff!) Subscribe to SpectreSoundStudios and help the channel grow! More subs=more of the most honest music gear reviews on Youtube! 🤍 Sign up for the SMG newsletter here! 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Shirts & more: 🤍 Distrokid: 🤍 Follow Spectre Sound Studios: Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 About Spectre Sound Studios: I'm Glenn Fricker, engineer here at Spectre Sound Studios. I love making records, and after doing it for sixteen years, I want to pass on what I've learned. On my channel you can find tutorials on how to record guitar, bass, real drums and vocals. There's reviews and demos of tube amps, amp sims, drums, mics, preamps, outboard gear, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, and plugin effects. We've covered Moon on the Water, played Bias FX, given you the absolute best in Stupid Musician Texts, ranted & raved about bass guitar, and this channel is where The Eagle has Landed. Everything you've wanted to learn about recording Hard Rock & Heavy Metal can be found right here on this channel! I also respond to your comments & questions: The best make it into the SMG Viewer's Comments series of videos. Loads of fun, lots of laughs. Thanks for checking out my channel & please subscribe!

Tone Experiments! | Slave ANY Amp With The Twonotes Torpedo Captor!!


Get The Twonotes Torpedo Captor At Sweetwater! 🤍 Sweetwater Sales! (Affiliate Link) 🤍 Become a Patron! My Patreon is now LIVE! 🤍 Save 7% Off of Your Distrokid Sign Up With My VIP Link Below! 🤍 Join My Facebook Group! 🤍 Follow me on Instagram! 🤍 Buy My Gear!: 🤍 My Favorite Gear at Sweetwater! (Affiliate Links) Sweetwater Main Page - 🤍 Gibson Les Paul Studio - 🤍 ESP LTD Phoenix Arctic Metal - 🤍 Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder - 🤍 EVH 5150III 50 Watt - 🤍 EVH 5150III 2x12 Cab - 🤍 Marshall JCM 800 SC20H - 🤍 Friedman 212 Cab - 🤍 Celestion Creamback G12-M65 Speaker - 🤍 Celestion H30 Anniversary Speaker - 🤍 MXR M77 Badass Modified OD - 🤍 Friedman BE-OD Deluxe Pedal - 🤍 Dunlop Tortex TIII Guitar Picks - 🤍 Seymour Duncan Omega Bridge Pickup - 🤍 Seymour Duncan Distortion Bridge Pickup - 🤍 MONO Duraweave Strap - 🤍 Pedaltrain METRO MAX Pedalboard - 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Links: My Favorite Overdrives and Gain Pedals! MXR Badass Modified OD: 🤍 KHDK Ghoul JR: 🤍 KHDK Ghoul Screamer: 🤍 Friedman BE-OD Deluxe: 🤍 My Favorite Pickups: 🤍 The Picks I Use: 🤍 The Strings I Use: 🤍 The Straps I Use: 🤍 The Instrument Cables I Use: 🤍 The Speaker Cables I Use: 🤍 My Camera Gear Sony A6400: 🤍 Sony A6000: 🤍 Sigma 16mm Lens: 🤍 Sigma 30mm Lens: 🤍 Tripods: 🤍 Lighting Panel: 🤍 LED Lights: 🤍 Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen: 🤍 Shure SM57: 🤍 XLR Lav Mic: 🤍 Check out my bands! Bushido Code - 🤍 Subdue - 🤍 Follow me on Instagram! 🤍

Should you buy: Torpedo Captor/Captor X - gotchas and must-have accessories - in-depth review.


In- depth review of TwoNotes Torpedo Captor / Captor X. We go through all its features: attenuator, loadbox, speaker sim and DI, and take the included Wall Of Sound plugin for a spin. We go through basic problems, like lack of fluent volume control, impedance mismatch problems, and list accessories that you will definitely need when buying captor. We also discuss a basic recording setup, re-amping, briefly discuss guitar amp miking. We discuss differences between Captor and Captor X, and assess which version is better for you, based on your priorities, and also compare it to Universal Audio Ox and Boss tube Amp Expander, and cheaper attenuators, such as Bugera Power soak. We include sound samples for guitar and bass, both attenuated and non-attenuated, clean and overdrive, fingered and slap, and so on. In general - Captor is great as a recording device, but has some problems as an attenuator. Gear used: - Two notes torpedo captor - Two notes Wall Of Sound (Plugin) - Fender hot rod - Hartke A25 - Cort B4 bass - B.C. Rich exclusive - Ibanez roadstar - Ibanez tube screamer - Tone bone hot british tube overdrive - MXL studio compressor - Shure SM57 - MXL 2006 - TC Electronic studio connect 48 00:00 Intro 00:49 Why is Torpedo Captor? Recording electric guitars. 01:47 Attenuator 02:41 Gotcha 1: output volume control 03:47 Gotcha 2: impedance mismatches, especially with Captor X 05:15 Loadbox 05:39 DI box 06:34 Speaker simulator 08:10 Captor vs Captor X 08:53 Must-have accessories: Speaker cables 09:00 Speaker cable vs instrument cable - what's the difference? 10:16 Must-have accessories: Balanced cables 11:17 Sound check: attenuation 12:57 Power and power supplies 13:22 Sound check: bass 14:34 Tone demo: guitar, clean 16:11 Sound check: Guitar, overdrive 17:10 Wall of Sound: hot take 18:40 Summary and other options # twoNotes, #torpedoCaptor, #attenuator, #guitarDI, #wallOfSound

Two Notes Captor X - Tube Amps Best Friend


Trying out the new Captor X from Two Notes. I'm Ola Englund and welcome to my channel. A channel dedicated to guitar related gear with a focus on metal. I also play in the metal bands The Haunted & Feared and run a guitar company 🤍 My Pages ► My Music - 🤍 ► Merch - 🤍 ► Website - 🤍 ► Twitch - 🤍 ► Facebook - 🤍 ► Instagram - 🤍 ► Feared - 🤍 ► Want to interact more with me? Join My Discord Channel and Become a Youtube Member for VoiceChat and more. Click the Join button above. Link To Discord - 🤍 ►List of things I use to make my video: 🤍

On teste en live le Torpedo Captor de Two Notes !


On teste en live le Torpedo Captor, la dernière Loadbox/DI/Atténuateur/simulateur de baffle de Two Notes. Test complet : 🤍 Une émission d’AUDIOFANZINE Audiofanzine.com : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitch : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Nos T-shirts : 🤍 #TWONOTES #TORPEDO #CAPTOR

Two Notes Captor 101 - The "How-To" Episode!


This episode is geared towards my gray haired gang who literally make up 75% of my subscribers. Guitarists who are 40+ years old and have been awesome since day one. Some guys are like me, we bypassed some things with technology and I wanted to make a video showing the few ways I personally use my Two Notes Captor. Hope this helps! Two Notes: 🤍 For more YouTubers to follow, click below! Truck Driver Shawn: 🤍 ► ► Huge Shout OUT to everyone who's helped me push forward with my YouTube channel throughout the years. My channel would NOT be where it is without my fam!! That's all of you!! Thank you so much for watching my channel and giant hugs!!! : ) About Louis: _ Louis Torres is a New York based Hardcore/ Metal guitarist who formed DARKWRENCH. Has played with Sob from Merauder, was in Rampage with Mike of Candiria, founded Karma, was in Blindside with Jerry Ex, had a short stint in Confusion!, formed Out of Line (Brooklyn) and is one of the founding guitarists of Brooklyn Hardcore Band, Indecision. NYHC for Life!! Support your boy Louie at: ► Photography - 🤍 ► Facebook - 🤍 ► Instagram - 🤍 ► DarkWrench Hatecore - 🤍

AMT PE-120 vs Torpedo Captor 8. Нагрузка для лампового усилителя.


Обучающий контент на моём патреоне: 🤍 Сегодня сравниваем в лоб две нагрузки - AMT PE-120 и Two Notes Torpedo Captor 8. Оцениваем эргономику, дизайн, функционал и, конечно же, звук! Кто победит? Смотрим! промокод 7% скидка для моих любимых подписчиков в магазине 🤍 - ZVUKVRUKAH я в ВК - 🤍 Привет, друзья! Меня зовут Алексей Романовский, я лидер метал группы БАУ и сооснователь сети репетиционных баз Lemooor Studio. Я занимаюсь звукозаписью, играю на электрогитаре и бас гитаре, делаю сведение треков и пытаюсь разобраться в том, как устроен звук и музыкальное оборудование. На этом канале я делюсь своими мыслями по поводу музыки и жизни музыканта, а также выпускаю обучающие видео по использованию программ для записи, сочинения и обработки музыки.

Two Notes Torpedo Captor Review: Do you need the Captor X?


Two Notes Torpedo Captor / Captor X Thomann Affiliate Link: 🤍 Amazon Affiliate Link: 🤍 Review of the original Two Notes Torpedo Captor and listing the new features of the Captor X. All gear (affiliate links): Amps: 🤍 Guitars: 🤍 Pedals: 🤍 Home Studio: 🤍 #TwoNotesTV #TorpedoCaptor #TheBedroomRocker

Come Sfruttare al 100% gli AMPLIFICATORI 🎸 Torpedo Captor X


Il Torpedo Captor X è un prodotto marchiato Two Notes per noi chitarristi che vogliamo registrare l'amplificatore in casa con la qualità da studio di registrazione! 🎸 ✅ VIDEO CORSI DI CHITARRA 40% SCONTO! 👉 🤍 Ciao chitarristi, sono Alessandro Bianchi, benvenuti in ShapeYourTone! 🔥 Oggi torniamo a parlare di Home Recording, vi porto sul canale il Torpedo Captor X, un prodotto che fa praticamente TUTTO. Two Notes ci offre un prodotto che svolge le seguenti funzioni: loadbox reattiva, virtual cabinet, attenutatore di potenza, IR loader. 😱 Avete capito bene, questo gioiello di casa Two Notes fa davvero tutto queste cose. 🛒 Torpedo Captor X 8 OHM: 🤍 🛒 Torpedo Captor X 16 OHM🤍 Il Torpedo Captor X è praticamente per gli amanti degli amplificatori a valvole che vogliono suonare in qualsiasi ambiente e godersi persino un impianto 100 watt in cuffia! e che desiderano usarli ogni volta che suonano, indipendentemente dall'ambiente. Una delle funzioni migliori del Torpedo è il Twin Tracker, ovvero un doppio tracker automatico. Il suono dell'amplificatore mono viene indirizzato all'uscita sinistra mentre Twin Tracker crea un'altra traccia in tempo reale (un chitarrista virtuale) sul canale destro. Le lievi differenze nei tempi e negli attacchi contribuiscono a dare un timbro deciso e un suono ciccionissimo. In questo tutorial vi farò vedere sia come registrare il vostro stupendo amplificatore direttamente dalla vostra cameretta sia come sfruttare al massimo il vostro 100 watt senza litigare con tutto il condominio! 💙 Ringrazio i ragazzi di 🤍musicalstore2005 per avermi fatto provare questo gioiellino. TIMESTAMP 🕒 0:00 Intro 0:49 Torpedo Captor X 1:09 HateYourTone 1:57 Cos'è il Torpedo Captor X 2:58 Registrare l'amplificatore 4:00 Loadbox reattiva 4:34 Virtual Cabinet 5:10 Editor Torpedo 5:43 Pannello anteriore 6:57 Twin Tracker 7:30 Enhancer 8:43 Demo che devi ascoltare per forza 11:09 La cosa super speciale ✅ Ricordati di SEGUIRMI anche qui! 🏃 👇🏻 Instagram! 👉🏻 🤍_ale.syt_ 🤍 Gruppo privato Telegram! 👉🏻 🤍 🎸 LE MIE CHITARRE! ➤ Gibson Les Paul Standard 1992 ➤ Schecter Blackjack ATX 7fr 🎛️ IL MIO AMPLI! ➤ Blackstar HT-50: 🤍 🎶 I MIEI PEDALI! ➤ HX Stomp: 🤍 ➤Blackstar HT Metal: 🤍 ➤ TC Electronic Flashback X4: 🤍 ➤Mooer Repeater: 🤍 ➤Dunlop CryBaby DB01 Dimebag: 🤍 🛠️ KIT ESSENZIALE PER CHITARRISTI! ➤ Plettri di ogni tipo: 🤍 ➤Cavi: 🤍 ➤Alimentatore di scorta: 🤍 ➤Tool Kit: 🤍 ➤Gaffa: 🤍 ➤Capotasto mobile: 🤍

Two Notes Torpedo Captor | feat. Harri Lowe | GuitCon 2017 | First Look


In the shop: 🤍 We use Triad-Orbit stands for our videos exclusively: 🤍 A huge shoutout to Henning aka Eytschpi42! Without him, GuitCon would not have been possible! Check out his channel here: 🤍 Harri Lowe from Two notes had a little talk with Guillaume about the new Two notes Torpedo Captor - the perfect tool to tame your tube amp. Webshop: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍thomann 🤍 Instagram: 🤍thomann.music 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍 Visit our blogs: GER: 🤍 ENG: 🤍 FRA: 🤍 ESP: 🤍 ITA: 🤍 NED: 🤍

Loadbox Torpedo Captor Two Notes - Test in ITALIANO su vari generi musicali con Fender, Marshall...


In questo test provo il mio nuovo acquisto fatto presso Bluenote Store di Cosenza (trovate il link continuando nella descrizione), una loadbox reattiva e attenuatore di potenza della Two Notes, utilizzando la mia testata clone Fender Bassman, Marshall JMP Master Lead (1979) e Brunetti XL II revo (canale Xlead e Clean) a cui ho abbinato diversi pedali (Fulltone Fulldrive 2 II mosfet, Xotic BB Preamp, Cry Baby 535Q Dunlop). Le chitarre utilizzate nel video sono una Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008, Gibson ES 335 dot, Fender Stratocaster Mark Knopfler (con pickup samarium cobalt noisless), Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe HSS Loocking Tremolo. Il test è stato fatto su più generi musicali: modern blues (Robben Ford style), Voodoo Child di Jimi Hendrix, Hard Rock e in stile John Mayer. Prodotti simili: Universal Audio OX, Palmer PDI 03, Boss Waza tube amp expander. #loadbox #amplificatore #chitarra Ecco dove trovare me e i miei progetti musicali sui social: GRUPPO FACEBOOK: Iscriviti per interagire con me e gli altri iscritti 🤍 Profili personali: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Progetto Noah - Tullio Cesario: Youtube: 🤍 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 The Hoppers Sito Web: 🤍thehoppers.it YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Even 5et Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Joy Jazz Quartet: Facebook: 🤍 Le scuole in cui insegno: 33GIRI MUSIC ACCADEMY - via Paolo Borsellino, 39, Cosenza Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 JAZZOPOLI: ia Nicola CalipariCassano All'Iónio, Calabria, Italy Facebook: 🤍 I miei negozi di strumenti musicali preferiti: DE LUCA STRUMENTI MUSICALI: Via Panebianco, 256, Cosenza Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 BLUE NOTE STORE: Via Carlo Carrà, 54, Rende Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Gli strumenti che utilizzo e che potete vedere e sentire nei video: CHITARRE: -Ibanez RG customizzata: 🤍 -Gibson Les Paul Studio 1995: 🤍 -Manne Taos: 🤍 -Fender Stratocaster Mark Knopfler customizzata: 🤍 -Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe HSS -Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008: 🤍 -Gibson ES-335 Dot Natural: 🤍 -Fender Telecaster American Special -Fender Stratocaster American Standard customizzata. -Ibanez AKJ-95: 🤍 -Takamine TAN 45 C: 🤍 -Godin Grand Concert Multiac SA: 🤍 -Maton EBG808TE Tommy Emmanuel: 🤍 -Yamaha Silent Nylon: 🤍 AMPLIFICATORI: -Brunetti Maranello: 🤍 -Brunetti XL-Revo 120W: -Fender Twin Reverb '65 -Fender Twin Reverb II (1985) - Fender Champ 12 -Clone Bassman Autocostruito -Marshall JMP MKII Master Volume Lead 100W (1979): 🤍 -DV Mark Little Jazz: 🤍 -Fishman Loudbox 100: 🤍

Two notes Torpedo Captor VS Pnp Power attenuator Pro [Partie 1]


Aujourd'hui un choc Français entre 2 loadbox réactives. Le classique Captor de chez Two notes et le Power attenuator Pro de chez Pnp. Les deux produits permettent une atténuation, fixe pour le Torpedo et réglable sur le Pnp ainsi qu'une simulation analogique de HP. Sur la papier l'outil parfait pour jouer seul à la maison ou pousser un ampli sur de petites scènes tout en s'épargnant le placement du micro devant le HP. Dans cette partie 1 nous nous concentrons sur la partie atténuation, avant de vous donner un bref aperçu des simulations analogiques. Visitez notre Facebook : 🤍 #guitare #ampli #torpedocaptor

Mk. 60 Encapsulated Torpedo (CAPTOR) Mine


The CAPTOR is the United States Navy's primary anti-submarine naval mine. This deep-water mine is laid by ship, aircraft or submarine, and is anchored to the ocean floor. When its sonar detects a hostile submarine, the CAPTOR launches a Mark 46 torpedo. The name CAPTOR is short for enCAPsulated TORpedo. The CAPTOR was the U.S. Navy's standard anti-submarine mine during the Cold War, having enough computer power to detect the difference in acoustic signature between ships and submarines. When an enemy submarine passes close by, the passive sonar detects it and releases the torpedo, which tracks the sound until it contacts the submarine hull and explodes.

5 Ways to Use The Two Notes Torpedo Captor in Your Rig


♫ Become a Patron - 🤍 ♫ My music - 🤍 ♫ Join my Discord - 🤍 Invite Code - knnMWCsPrS ★ "Weird Guitar Person" Shirts - 🤍 ★ My cabinet IR's (FREE) 🤍 Follow me online ★ 🤍 ★ 🤍 Gear I use ► Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III & FM3 🤍 ► Camera (Affiliate Link) 🤍 ►Footswitch Toppers (Affiliate Link) 🤍 Use code "Leon2021" to save 10% on your order ► Save 7% on DistroKid (Affiliate Link) 🤍 Gear shown on this channel may be either sent by the manufacturer, on loan for review or purchased at a discount - in these cases you will see the "contains paid promotion" icon. The content of the video is entirely my opinion and was not dictated by any third party. Thanks again for watching and supporting my channel.

Mesa Boogie Mark IV - Two Notes Torpedo Captor demonstration


early 1990s Mesa Boogie Mark IV head demonstration using several different guitars (G&L ASAT Classic Thinline, Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R8, and 2 custom Gutierrez Juggernaut guitars with bare knuckle pickups). Signal Chain: ISP Decimator II pedal Mesa Boogie Mark IV head (most clips running Tweed Power, Simul-Class, and Pentode settings) Two Notes Torpedo Captor (8 ohm) Universal Audio Apollo Twin Mk II iMac running Logic Pro X Cab sim via Two Notes Torpedo Wall of Sound plugin Reverb from UA Lexicon 224 plugin no other post-processing

Two Notes Torpedo Captor | Wall Of Sound


The Two Notes Torpedo Captor 8 is in the studio and I'm thrilled to get my hands on another solution that could allow me to record loud guitars at night in complete silence. You can support this channel by checking out my offers and discounts. Looking for a better way to distribute your music to the biggest streaming services? Get a 7% discount from Distrokid just by clicking this link: 🤍 The Torpedo Captor is a load box, speaker sim, attenuator and DI all in one compact unit. You can run any amp into it, use the built-in speaker sim or send the raw amp signal to your DAW and add from a huge selection of IRs built right into the Wall of Sound plugin. This is a great recording tool if you need to record in silence while not compromising the qualities of your tune amplifier. Check out the HX Stomp Review: 🤍 Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Video production services provided by 🤍 For companion blogs and articles visit 🤍 All content is ©2020 Spice DNa where applicable.

Two notes torpedo captor , plugging it in 👀


The Two notes Captor is a great piece of gear . It’s a reactive load box . If you do any sort of home recording it is essential. I have the 8ohm version. I have had a few people ask how they work . So I made this video on how to plug it on and not destroy your amp . #twonotes #captor #loadbox

Torpedo Captorを使って、Marshall JMP-1をラインで鳴らしてみました!


MarshallのJMP-1とVHT 2502で作った音を、Torpedo Captor(ロードボックス)を使ってラインで鳴らしてみました! 接続は、 ギター⇒Marshall JMP-1⇒VHT2502⇒Torpedo Captor⇒ミキサー⇒モニタースピーカー となります。 やはりリアルな真空管アンプだとラインでも音圧がありますね。

Two Notes Torpedo Captor Demo Deutsch


Der Captor ist eine Loadbox, Speaker Simulation, Amp DI und Attenuator in einem. Kompakt und preiswert 🤍 🤍 🤍



TORPEDO CAPTOR X used as ATTENUATOR | THE REAL TONE OF YOUR AMP! | Demo by RICCARDO GIOGGI [ENG sub] You probably know about Captor X and its technology as IR Loader, Reactive Load Box, and for its Virtual Cabinets, but how does it work as an ATTENUATOR? Let's find it out in this demo. ▶︎▶︎▶︎ SUBSCRIBE at 🤍Riccardo Gioggi 🤍 ▶︎▶︎▶︎SKYPE GUITAR LESSONS: for Riccardo's private guitar lessons and guitar coaching, on Skype or in person, drop a line at: 🤍 E-MAIL: info🤍riccardogioggi.com ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Riccardo's "A Theory Of Dynamics" FULL ALBUM is available on iTunes: 🤍 or at 🤍riccardogioggi.com (PHYSICAL CD) ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Riccardo Gioggi on Spotify and stores: 🤍 RG's GUITAR LESSONS on YouTube ▶︎▶︎▶︎ ALTERNATE PICKING LESSON #2 🤍 ▶︎▶︎▶︎ STRING SKIPPING LESSON 🤍 ▶︎▶︎▶︎ GUITAR LESSONS PLAYLIST 🤍 ▶︎▶︎▶︎ TWO NOTES AUDIO official pages: 🤍twonotes.com 🤍 🤍 ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Recorded, filmed, and produced 🤍 Riccardo Gioggi Studio - Recording Studio, Rome, Italy Music by Riccardo Gioggi ▶︎▶︎▶︎ Riccardo Gioggi pages: Official website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

A Tube Amps Bestfriend - Two Notes Captor Demo ( Must have studio gear)


Check out the Captor 🤍 ►Guitar Lesson Packs HERE 🤍 ►►SUBSCRIBE 🤍 ►TABZZZZZZ 🤍 NEXT VIDEO 🤍 ►SUBSCRIBE 🤍 ►LESSON PACKS 🤍 ►SKYPE LESSONS rbaker_lessons🤍yahoo.com ►STUDIO TOUR 🤍 ►OFFICIAL WEBSITE (TABS!!) 🤍 ►Business Inquiries rbaker_lessons🤍yahoo.com ►►DRAGON'S HEART Picks PROMO CODE RBAKER10 FOLLOW ME ON Facebook 🤍facebook.com/RobertBakerGuitar Twitter 🤍twitter.com/rguitar5150 Instagram 🤍instagram.com/RWBAKER5150 PROUD USER OF Acacia Guitars 🤍 REVV Amps 🤍 Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks. 🤍 ClearTone Strings 🤍 Carl Martin Pedals 🤍 Hosa Edge Cables 🤍

Обзор на Two Notes Torpedo Captor & Wall of Sound


Ребят, решил рассказать Вам о таком интересном девайсе как Two notes Torpedo Captor и об очень полезном плагине Wall of Sound. Ради этого даже пришлось помучиться с освоением OBS и совместной работой его с DAW, но все таки справился;) В общем всем приятного просмотра, если что-то забыл рассказать - с удовольствием отвечу на вопросы в комментах! Добавляйтесь в наше сообщество группы REST в вк: 🤍 Добавляйтесь ко мне в друзья в ВК и Фэйсбуке: 🤍 🤍 Подписывайтесь на мою инсту: 🤍 И конечно подписывайтесь на канал - буду всем рад! Если вы хотите поддержать канал - Yandex кошелек: 410017619110919

Torpedo Captor X - Celestion Speaker Cabinet Shootout


Had this idea for a multi-purpose video. This video serves as a demo for the Torpedo Captor X cabinet simulator, as well as a general speaker shootout video showing the different tonal characteristics between multiple iconic Celestion speakers. I decided to compare 6 different 4x12 closed-back speaker cabinets, using the exact same preset settings (mics, mic placement, EQ etc. is all identical), the same performance (via a looper pedal), and the same amplifier settings. The ONLY difference you’ll hear between the cabinets is the tonal variations between the speakers. In case you don’t know - the Torpedo Captor X is a cabinet simulator, no real speaker/cabinet, or mics were used in this test. Everything you hear is recorded by plugging the amplifier directly into the Torpedo Captor X via the speaker output jack, and plugging the Captor X into my audio interface. The Captor X is a reactive load box that reacts like a speaker, transforms the power from the amp into heat (safely for you and the amp), and accurately digitally recreates the sound of the tube amp playing through various cabinet simulations (Impulse Responses), and microphone simulations. The perfect silent recording solution for tube amp enthusiasts like myself. For this test I used my favorite mic combo - an SM57 (almost dead center), and a slightly off axis U87 backed away from the cabinet slightly. I used minimal EQ/Enhancer adjustments in the preset, just enough to get the sound how I wanted. There’s two tests in this video. First is with a Stratocaster plugged into the Low Input of my Marshall SV20, and second is a Les Paul plugged into the Hi input of my Marshall SV20. Amp settings are show in the last clip for each test. The Two Notes descriptions aren’t super descriptive about the speakers in the cabinets but these are the cabinets/speaker from what I can gather: 1. Fastback 25 - Vintage Purple Marshall closed-back 4x12 cabinet with Celestion G12M-25 75hz Pre-Rola (Made In England) speakers 2. Green Tri - Hughes & Kettner closed-back 4x12 cabinet with Celestion G12M-25 75hz speakers. 3. Green Art C - Marshall JMP era closed-back 4x12 cabinet with Celestion G12H-30 55hz (bass speaker) Pre-Rola (Made in England) speakers. 4. Tanger 30C - Orange closed-back 4x12 speaker cabinet with Celestion G12H-30 speakers. 5. Brit Vint C - Marshall (Slash Signature) closed-back 4x12 speaker cabinet with Vintage 30 speakers. 6. Brit 60A - JCM900 Era 1960A closed-back cabinet with G12T-75 speakers. Please leave any questions or comments below!

Лоадбокс (реактивная нагрузка) на примере Two Notes Torpedo Captor. Обзор Wall of Sound


У вас есть ламповый гитарный усилитель, и вы бы хотели его использовать для игры и записи музыки. Однако известно, что ламповые усилители в полной мере раскрываются на довольно большой громкости, а даже 1 Вт ламповой мощности – это очень громко в условиях многоквартирного дома. На помощь в этой ситуации приходит так называемый лоадбокс – это устройство, которое является электрическим эквивалентом нагрузки для гитарного усилителя, то есть проще говоря, оно заменяет вам кабинет с динамиками, и позволяет пустить сигнал через себя в микшер или звуковую карту, а далее мы на компьютере загружаем импульс кабинета и получаем настоящий гитарный звук на приемлемой громкости. Сейчас я всё это наглядно продемонстрирую на примере одного из популярных лоадбоксов Torpedo Captor от французской компании Two Notes.

Two Notes Torpedo Captor vs Suhr Reactive Load - with a Marshall Super Lead


This is quick comparison between two of the most popular reactive loads on the market - Two Notes Torpedo Captor & Suhr Reactive Load. Both are 8 ohm. This should also apply to Captor X and Reactive Load IR, as the load components in these units are the same - as far as I know ;) Rythm guitars signal chain: Les Paul Custom straight to Marshall Super Lead with one of these loadboxes, then straight to RME Babyface and to Reaper. On all tracks sits single instance of Ignite Amps - NadIR, loaded with York Audio MRSH 412 M25 Mix 01 IR with hi-pass at 80Hz, and a touch of reverb. Unfortunately I don't have reamping equipment, so all double tracked samples are different takes - but I've managed to create one single guitar loop with a tc ditto looper, and then record it with both loads. Enjoy!

Grabar guitarras en casa: Two Notes Torpedo Captor X.


Hablamos sobre la grabación de guitarras a nivel hogareño y sobre la increíble herramienta que es la Two Notes Torpedo Captor X. 00:00 Intro. 00:11 Ejemplo 1: Comparación rápida entre equipo y Torpedo Captor X. 00:28 Nuestra experiencia con la Torpedo Captor X. 08:29 Ejemplo 2: Equipo (sonido limpio). 09:02 Ejemplo 3: Torpedo Captor X (sonido limpio). 09:35 Conclusiones (I). 12:21 Ejemplo 4: Equipo (distorsión). 12:59 Ejemplo 5: Torpedo Captor X (distorsión). 13:37 Conclusiones (II). 16:45 Ejemplo 6: Usos de la aplicación. 17:32 Funcionamiento y características de la Torpedo Captor X. 22:27 Ejemplo 7: Reverbs. 23:41 Otras prestaciones. 24:49 Conclusiones (III). Gracias a Medina Artigas por las cuerdas: 🤍 Gracias a Familyarg por la ropa: 🤍, 🤍 Si te gusta lo que hacemos y querés darnos una mano, podés ingresar a este link: 🤍 Sino con suscribirte ya eres bienvenide. En realidad, de cualquier manera te recibiremos. Redes: Doble Bobina: 🤍 Pablo Martín (Cube Efectos): 🤍 Pepo San Martín: 🤍 🤍

Torpedo Captor / Реактивная Нагрузка


🤍 Скачать Download WAV multitrack 🤍 Примеры звучания начинаются с 11:50. For sounds go to 11:50.

Tristan Klein présente le Torpedo Captor


Tristan Klein nous présente l'utilisation du Torpedo Captor - la loadbox compacte - dans son appartement. Jouer son ampli au volume idéal en limitant les nuisances sonores, c'est la mission de Two notes, qui propose toute une gamme de solutions sous la dénomination "Torpedo". Le Captor est la DI pour amplificateur parfaite : atténuateur de puissance -20dB, fonction loadbox pour jeu en silence, sortie DI active et sortie ligne symétrique, simulation de HP basse ou guitare. Le Captor existe en 3 versions 4, 8 et 16 Ohms, à choisir en fonction de l'impédance de sortie de votre ampli pour profiter de la fonction loadbox - jeu silencieux. Le Captor donne aussi accès à 16 enceintes virtuelles à charger dans le plugin Torpedo Wall of Sound et insérer sur la piste d'ampli guitare de votre séquenceur favori. Découvrez le Torpedo Captor : 🤍 Achetez le Torpedo Captor chez un revendeur Two notes Premium : 🤍 Suivez Tristan sur Facebook : 🤍

Test Matos - Torpedo CAB + Torpedo Captor 8


Présentation de mon set-up avec le duo TORPEDO CAB/Captor 8 de la marque Française Two Notes Audio.

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X - Sound Demo (no talking)


*Buy now: 🤍 Review: 🤍 Here´s a sound demo of the Two Notes Torpedo Captor X with many sounds and settings. Soundfiles/Video: Thomas Dill *Affiliate-Links: Part of the revenue generated through these links will be paid to us as commission, depending on the measurable success. You are welcome to buy the products elsewhere. The link is only a suggestion to look at the products. Legal notice: Remise 3 Medienservice Agentur GmbH Ludgerusstraße 46 47179 Duisburg Represented by CEO: Hansi Tietgen Amtsgericht Duisburg, HR B NUMMER 19797 Tel: 0203/498705 Fax: 0203/87 96 864 Email: office(at)remise3.de VAT-ID: DE 256765312 Responsible for contents according to § 5 TMG: Hansi Tietgen *Affiliate Links: Ein Teil des Umsatzes, der über diese Links generiert wird, wird je nach messbaren Erfolg an uns als Provision ausgezahlt. Ihr könnt die Produkte gerne woanders kaufen. Der Link dient lediglich als Vorschlag zum Anschauen der Produkte. Impressum: Remise 3 Medienservice Agentur GmbH Ludgerusstraße 46 47179 Duisburg Vertreten durch den Geschäftsführer: Hansi Tietgen Amtsgericht Duisburg, HR B NUMMER 19797 Telefon: 0203/498705 Telefax: 0203/87 96 864 Email: office(at)remise3.de Umsatzsteuer-Identifikationsnummer DE 256765312 Inhaltlich verantwortlich nach § 5 TMG: Hansi Tietgen

Two Notes Torpedo Captor X - 6 MODI per SFRUTTARE al meglio i nostri amplificatori valvolari


6 modi diversi per sfruttare al meglio i nostri amplificatori valvolari grazie al nuovissimo Two notes Torpedo Captor X! 0:00 Intro Song 0:00 cosa ho usato per registrare la song iniziale 01:53 che cos'è il Torpedo Captor X 05:40 3 modi per sfruttare l'amplificatore valvolare a casa/in studio col Torpedo Captor X 11:24 3 modi per sfruttare l'amplificatore valvolare dal vivo col Torpedo Captor X 14:55 conclusioni ➤Two notes Torpedo Captor X: 🤍 Disponibile presso i rivenditori italiani e distribuito da Mogar Music ➤ SWEEP PICKING CONCERTO: 🤍 ➤ IL MIO NUOVO SITO: 🤍 ➤ RIVOLUZIONA la TUA PLETTRATA ALTERNATA: 🤍 ➤ Impara DAVVERO la PENTATONICA: 🤍 ➤Il mini corso su come arricchire il tuo VOCABOLARIO BLUES: 🤍 Il gruppo Pickslanting Italia: 🤍 Il gruppo Pickslanting Italia: 🤍 ➤Ascolta Lynx Eye (mio brano inedito!) su Spotify: 🤍 contact: lucamilierimusic🤍gmail.com ➤MILIERS STORE: 🤍 Gear: - Fender Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Made in Japan - EHX Soul Food 🤍 - Mad Cat MK50 - Torpedo Captor X - Dunlop Flow 1.5 mm 🤍 In my studio: - Focusrite Clarett 2Pre 🤍 - Yamaha HS 5 🤍 - Cubase Elements 9 - Positive Grid Bias FX - Lumix G7 🤍 - All Amazon links are affiliated links - Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Best Tones: Captor X and OX Box After 1 Year Of Tweaking | Gear Corner


#uaudio #twonotes I revisit my comparison of the Captor X and the OX Box after owning and tweaking both for over a year. My original video included all the specs and details so make sure to check it out (link below). This time I want to show you my BEST TONES I can get out of both units. Enjoy Gear Corner! The original comparison video: 🤍 Check out the Captor X and the OX Box here (Thomann affiliate links): -Two Notes Captor X: 🤍 -Universal Audio OX BOX: 🤍 Follow me on instagram: 🤍kris_barocsi BRAND NEW MERCHANDISE Check out my shirts, hoodies, tone socks and coffee mug and thanks in advance for supporting the channel with your purchase: 🤍 Why the ANZEIGE (=Ad) message? According to german laws everyone has to mark their videos as advertisements as soon as there's a single "subject relevant" product, tag or link in it. Even if you didn't get paid for making that video. Sounds confusing and it really doesn't help the viewer to see which is a paid review and which isn't. - The line of truth: Is this actually a paid review? No it isn't but some of the gear I'm using were sent to me by the brand to make videos with them. (I update this line for every video). Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:49 INTRO TRACK | Rhythm: Captor X | Solo: OX Box 2:14 What was in my original comparison video? 2:32 Clean tone comparison 2:53 PLAYING | Clean tone comparison | Blindfold 4:40 Why this cabinet though? 5:02 PLAYING | Drive tone comparison | Gladio and Toxic Twins 6:52 PLAYING | Mesa Boogie Mark III comparison 7:48 My favourite Captor X preset 9:18 My favourite OX Box preset 13:00 Best bass tone with the Captor X and the OX? 13:23 PLAYING | Bass with the Captor X | 4x10 Eden cab sim 13:39 PLAYING | Bass with the OX | L: DI | R: 4x10 Bassman cab 13:55 Pros of the Captor X 16:42 Pros of the OX Box Gear used in this video: (the Bitly links are Thomann affiliate links) -Fender Telecaster CS '53 reissue: 🤍 -Gibson Les Paul CS '58 reissue: 🤍 -Gibson ES-330L _Squier 5 string P-Bass (Standard series; it's an old bass) -Cornerstone Gladio: 🤍 -Kasleder Toxic Twins: 🤍 -UAFX Golden Reverb: 🤍 -Walrus Audio D1 Delay: 🤍 -REVV Dynamis 7/40 head: 🤍 -Universal Audio OX BOX 🤍 -Two Notes Captor X: 🤍 -One Control Agamidae switcher: 🤍 -Cordial CRI series cables: 🤍 -Evidence Audio patch cables: 🤍 Other gear I use in my videos: -Harley Benton Fusion-II Roasted SSP 🤍 -Gibson Les Paul CM 2015 - heavily modified (thin nitro refin; Lollar Dog Ear P90; Emerson electronics) -Barocsi Troublecaster - Custom built T-style guitar with Gretsch Filtertrons -Barocsi "Frankenstrat" (2000 Fender American Standard body + Warmoth neck) -Honey Bee Double Trouble: 🤍 -Kasleder Time Trap delay: 🤍 -Xotic Super Clean: 🤍 -Coppersound Foxcatcher: coppersoundpedals.com -Supro Tremolo -REVV G2: 🤍 -Walrus Audio Lillian phaser: 🤍 -Analogman King of Tone analogman.com -Tate FX Raise the Dead Ge: tatefx.co.uk -Dunlop Gypsy Fuzz pedal: 🤍 -J Rockett Archer overdrive: 🤍 -Morgan 1x12 cab Twilight: 🤍 -NUX SOS Looper 🤍 The speech mic: -SENNHEISER MKH 416: 🤍 Audio Interface: -Audient iD44: 🤍 Check out the Thomann Music channel for some wicked guitar videos: 🤍 Cheers, Kris

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