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5 Biohacking tips from Dave Asprey to live a long and healthy life


What does a Tibetan Yak have to do with sharpening your brain? ☕️ How can skipping breakfast improve your metabolism? What do you need to avoid to get a good night's sleep? And who's the weirdo who figured all this stuff out? Watch and save the video to discover 5 Beginner Biohacks you can start using today which I learned from the brilliant mind of Dave Asprey - the father of biohacking. I'm delighted that Dave is now finally an official Mindvalley Author and he'll guide you through the science of six different spheres of biohacking in his NEW program on Mindvalley - Smarter Not Harder. So Mindvalley Members, you now have access to the latest science, exercises, and mental practices to optimize your health, mind, and body in the absolute least time and effort possible. If you're not a member yet, and even if you are, join Dave and I for our upcoming LIVE webinar happening Sunday, April 23rd from 11am till 12pm PT | 8pm till 9pm CEST. Dave will be sharing his latest findings and sharing a biohacking system to unlock the full potential of your mind. It's totally free 👉 🤍



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Father Of Biohacking: Dave Asprey's Top 5 Biohacks To Upgrade Your Life


Ever wonder what Dave Asprey, Father of Biohacking's top five biohacks are? Ask and you shall receive. In this episode of Father of Biohacking, Dave breaks down five simple biohacks to get you back in control of your own biology - and on the fast track to upgrading your life. If you like this video, subscribe to Bulletproof on YouTube today, where you'll find full-length episodes of Bulletproof Radio to watch and listen to, interviews with thought leaders in mindfulness, health, nutrition, science, and biohacking. Also, one simple hack - Bulletproof Coffee - try making it at home - here's the recipe! 🤍 Bulletproof Radio is one of the top ranked Podcasts on iTunes! You can subscribe by clicking here: 🤍 Connect with us on social media for quick updates and the newest biohacks: Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍bpnutrition Pinterest - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 // #biohacker #daveasprey #bulletproof

What is Biohacking | Explained in 2 min


In this video, we will explore What is Biohacking. Biohacking is the process of making little changes to your lifestyle in order to “hack” your body’s biology and feel your best. _ Hey, I’m Janis, but most people know me as a Productivity Guy. I create content about productivity with the main mission being to educate and inspire people to transform their lives through effective principles and strategies. Below, I will list some of my best resources that you can explore. _ 🔥 Get My Free Productivity Framework 👉 Template - 🤍 The Ultimate Productivity System that you need to stay organized, productive, and in control of your life. Grab your Free Copy Today! _ 🎯 #1 Training for Goal Setting (Free) 👉 Link - 🤍 In this FREE training, you will learn how to consistently and predictably achieve your goals, while enjoying the process of doing it. (This is real gold) _ 🏆 Coaching / Mentoring 👉 Link - 🤍 If you are looking for someone to support you on your journey towards accomplishing your goals then I’m here to help. Check out the coaching section on my website or just email me - at janis.krekovskis🤍 _ 🙌 Sponsorships / Collaborations I’m open to different opportunities to collaborate with other creators and businesses as long as the audience will benefit from the collaboration. Feel free to contact me :) 📈 General and Corporate Enquiries I create presentations and resources as well as provide training for organizations covering a wide range of topics, such as Time Management, Decision-Making, Goal Setting, Motivation, Culture, Productivity, Etc. Please feel free to contact me for more information. 💡 Content Use If you want to use some of my content in your presentation for education or training purposes then please email me and I will be happy to grant you permission. _ 🚀 My Website 👉 Link - 🤍 You will find more resources and information about me if you visit my website. Kind Regards, Janis #productivityguy

Biohacking: Why I’ll live to be 180 years old | Dave Asprey | Big Think


Biohacking: Why I’ll live to be 180 years old New videos DAILY: 🤍 Join Big Think Edge for exclusive video lessons from top thinkers and doers: 🤍 As a teenager, founder of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey, began experiencing health issues that typically plague older adults. After surrounding himself with anti-aging researchers and scientists, he discovered the tools of biohacking could dramatically change his life and improve his health. He's now confident he'll live to at least 180 years old. "It turns out that those tools that make older people young make younger people kick ass," he says. DAVE ASPREY Dave Asprey is a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur, professional biohacker, the New York Times bestselling author of Game Changers, Head Strong and The Bulletproof Diet, the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and the host of Bulletproof Radio, the Webby Award–winning, number one–ranked podcast. His new book is Super Human (2019). TRANSCRIPT: DAVE ASPREY: When I was 14 I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees. And I remember, going home, I was shaken. Because in my mind, as a 14-year-old, I said, look, this is a disease that old people get. And now that I'm 46 when I say "old people," I'm talking about people that I respect and admire, the sources of wisdom. And I cultivate friends, when I can find them, at least twice as old as I am, because they know all the stuff that I haven't learned yet. But at the time, I said, I'm young. I'm a teenager. I'm not supposed to be experiencing this. And I was dealing with metabolic issues. I already had stretch marks that still cover me. I hit 300 pounds in my very early 20's. And I started having brain fog in my mid-20's. I was diagnosed with high risk of stroke and heart attack very high risk as circled by the doctor when I was 29 years old. It turns out I was dealing with all the stuff that normally hits you when you're 60-plus. And I was doing it as a young man. And it scared the heck out of me. And it did that because no one likes to look in the mirror at a time you're supposed to be growing your career and say, I can't remember what happened in that meeting. It's just gone. And I'm so tired. I just can't put one foot in front of the other. But I'm going to do it someway anyway. It turned out that the people who knew how to fix this weren't my doctor. My doctor told me vitamin C would actually kill me, believe it or not. So I fired him. And for four years, I became my own scientist. Fortunately, I'm a computer hacker, and I know how to do that kind of thing. But then I hooked up with an anti-aging nonprofit group. And I started hanging out with these people full of wisdom who are making themselves younger. And the stuff that they knew, the things I was learning from them and from the top researchers in the world, they made me better. They gave me the tools of what became biohacking, a movement of people that's now even a word in the dictionary. It didn't exist eight years ago. Well, it turns out that those tools that make older people young make younger people kick ass. And that's been a foundational thing for what I've done with Bulletproof and for what's changed my life in a very dramatic way. I'm about 10%, maybe 10.2% body fat right now. I don't experience hunger on a regular basis. I love what I eat. I have more energy at 46 than I did at 26. I feel amazing. My brain works. I can remember all the things I want to remember. I don't drop words. And it's been absolutely liberating. It also cost a million dollars along the way. And that is completely unfair. Now, I am very fortunate that I was able to do that, because I worked at the company that held Google's first servers when Google was two servers and two guys. So I had a leg up early on, and I was able to spend myself to wellness, to make a lot of mistakes, to waste a lot of money getting younger, and then to say, all right, how do I go beyond getting younger? And it is that deep knowledge of 20 years of working with the world's best anti-aging researchers and scientists, and reading the papers, and doing the work, and trying it myself that led me to say, with reasonable confidence, look, I'm going to make it to at least 180 if I want to. And that's not the cap, that's the floor. All right, let me see. Now, if we wanted to be ridiculous and you wanted to be like, here's an anti-aging thing, I can do something like this on camera. I'll just be like, how many people do you know with flexibility like they're teenagers? Do you want to do that? BIG THINK: We just got it. DAVE ASPREY: [LAUGHS] BIG THINK: Yeah.

Ultimate 11 Biohacking Tips to Take Control of Your Health


Every day in every way become better and better at living your full potential. Become a Mindvalley Member today 👉🤍 Sick and tired of being tired? Find out how mouth breathing, root canals, the lack of sunlight, and other habits you don’t even realise are contributing to your feelings of malaise and dis-ease. Reclaim your energy and flourish again with UK’s leading biohacker and founder of the Health Optimisation Summit, Tim Gray as he breaks down the fundamentals of health to help you get started on your journey to a healthier and happier you. Walk away with actionable insights on how to breathe better, eat better, hack hydration, and utilise the power of grounding, sunlight and community for optimal health, energy and wellbeing. #timgray #biohacking

My experience with bio-hacking | Martin Kremmer | TEDxCopenhagen


NOTE FROM TED: Please consult a medical professional and do not look to this talk for medical advice. We've flagged this talk for falling outside TEDx's content guidelines. This talk only represents the speaker's personal understanding of health and biohacking. Claims are not corroborated by sufficient legitimate scientific evidence. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give TEDx organizers are described in more detail here: 🤍 Do you want to know how to get a better life? A better body and health? Then you are in luck because that is precisely what Martin Kremmer's talk is about! As a biohacker who is striving to create optimal health for himself, he shares his view on how you can take control of your health and life with a CEO's mindset. The future of healthcare is in front of you - are you Ready? Martin has been an avid biohacker since 2013, focused on bringing the movement of biohacking, optimal living, and natural healing to Denmark. During the day, he is Global Director at EY, where he focuses on using data as the connective tissue in creating better UX. At night he is on a mission to spread knowledge on how humans can move from "normal" health to an "optimal" health state. And he knows what he is talking about, as he is leading the Danish Biohacker Community of about 1000 individuals, who all try to find the most optimal state of well being through technology and emerging science. Martin applies strategic thinking from his day job to everyday health questions. As in business, he uses data to understand the impacts of changes to the body and mind. He has a pulse on the global biohacking scene and enjoys linking global thinkers with opportunities in the health sphere in Denmark. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at 🤍

The Most Powerful Biohacking Advice From Andrew Huberman🧬🧪


Neuroscientist and professor at Stanford university, Andrew Huberman. Huberman speaks about “biohacking” strategies in this video on his podcast “Huberman Lab” he hosts guests at the top In their field st and didcusses topics such as the most effective way to exercise, how to build muscle, optimizing sleep and general health/wellness. We think he is a great source of advice and hopefully keeps making content for a long time💪🏻 Full video from Huberman lab clips channel: 🤍

5 Biohacking Secrets To Look Younger At Any Age


Join our free biohacking webinar with the one and only father of biohacking Dave Asprey to slow aging and feel amazing 👉 🤍 Age like fine wine, not like milk🥛 What do you make of these 5 powerful principles to slow down aging and look amazing at any age? We're celebrating the release of our new biohacking program with the man who literally invented the movement - the one and only Dave Asprey. 🧬 If you found these 5 tips useful, come and join 🤍dave.asprey and me to get the maximum bang for your biohacking buck, in minimal time. On April 23, Dave will join thousands of us LIVE to share in-depth yet simple strategies you can do right now that will really move the needle in your health, without taking very much time and effort. That's why Dave calls it working Smarter Not Harder. I hope you can join for this rare chance to learn directly from the most knowledgeable mind in the biohacking space. Register free at 👉 LINK (P.S. - for Mindvalley Members who want to take it further, Dave will be announcing a special challenge to do with his new Mindvalley make sure you're there too) #AgeGracefully #Biohacking #DaveAsprey

What is biohacking? Meet the biohacker who refuses to age


Biohackers are people who want to hack their biology to make their bodies and brains function better. Subscribe to ABC Science YouTube 👉 🤍 In the documentary 'Staying Younger For Longer' neuroscientist, Dr Sarah McKay meets Eric Matzner who — if things go his way — will live forever. #Biohacking Australians can watch the full episode here: 🤍 Like: 🤍 Follow: 🤍 - This is an official Australian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel. Contributions may be removed if they violate ABC's Online Conditions of Use 🤍 (Section 3).

Training W/ Real Life Vampire (Anti-aging)


To get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs FREE with your first purchase, go to 🤍 Workout Programs: ► 🤍 Young LA Clothing (Code JESSE 15% off): ► 🤍 Gorilla Mind Supplements (Code JESSE 10% off!): ► 🤍 Business Inquiries: jessejameswest🤍 Sign up for the Blueprint waitlist: 🤍 Subscribe to Bryan’s Youtube: 🤍 Follow Bryan on IG: 🤍 Follow Bryan on Twitter: 🤍 Full Blueprint Protocol: 🤍 TruPace Epigenetic testing kit: 🤍 Track your sleep and get one month free on a WHOOP wearable: Topics: Bryan Johnson, daily routine, anti-aging, how to stop aging, how to reverse your age, anti aging protocol, biohacker, $2,000,000 daily routine This video is for educational and documentary purposes only

Bio Hacking Will Save Your Life - Gary Brecka


Bio Hacking Will Save Your Life - Gary Brecka Today I take you with me to explore the world of how bio hacking will save your life with Gary Brecka. If YOU want to take action to change your life NOW, click on the link to join my free workshop. 🤍 In todays video: gary brecka, gary brecka breathing, gary brecka dana white, gary brecka podcast, gary brecka dopamine, gary brecka interview, gary brecka 10x, gary brecka adhd, gary brecka keto diet, gary brecka diary of a ceo, the diary of a ceo, gary brecka casey adams, gary brecka steven bartlet, gary brecka joe rogan, gary brecka 10x health, gary brecka 10 x health, gary bracka, gary brecka health systems, grant cardone and gary brecka, gary brecka dana white podcast, brecka SUBSCRIBE 🤍 SUBSCRIBE 🤍 Follow Gary on Instagram: 🤍garybrecka #biohacking #entrepreneur #garybrecka

What is BioHacking


Ready to take your health and wellbeing into your own hands? Tune in for the premier episode of The Biohacking Bestie! Discover what biohacking is, explore why I chose this path, and learn how you too can be empowered to live a better life. Biohacking is a way to approach wellness from the inside out, allowing you to experiment and find what works best for YOU. With biohacking, one seeks not only disease management but also better general prevention of chronic issues such as pre-diabetes. Get ready to venture on an exploration within yourself while learning techniques such as listening attentively to body signals that alert us when something internal isn't quite right! Gain insight into tests available with practical tips regarding gut health - essential knowledge during any self experimentation journey – plus strategies behind shifting energy towards desired outcomes like healthier skin and hair along with consistent levels of glucose throughout the day/night cycle. Join me on my journey as we transform bodies and minds through scientifically-backed strategies - it's time to hack our way towards good vibes! Tags: #biohacking #dieting #lifestyle #body #health #supplements

Ben Greenfield: 10 Most Important DAILY Biohacks


Watch the full video recording package at: 🤍 Ben Greenfield is an ex-bodybuilder, Ironman triathlete, obstacle course racer, human performance consultant, speaker and author of 13 books, including the New York Times Bestseller “Beyond Training”. Ben has been voted by the NSCA as America’s top Personal Trainer and by Greatist as one of the top 100 Most Influential People In Health And Fitness. He works with individuals from all over the globe for both body and brain performance, and specializes in anti-aging, biohacking, and achieving an ideal combination of performance, health and longevity. A frequent contributor to health and wellness publications and a highly sought after speaker, Ben’s understanding of functional exercise, nutrition, and the delicate balance between performance and health has helped thousands of people around the world achieve their goals and improve their quality of life – from high level CEO’s to soccer moms to professional athletes and beyond. He is the founder and owner of KION, a company that provides everything a human being needs to achieve peak performance, look amazing, defy aging, and live an adventurous, fulfilling, joyful and limitless life. Ben coaches and trains individuals for general health, anti-aging, weight loss, lean muscle gain, holistic wellness, and both body and brain performance, from his physical location in Spokane, Washington, as well as all over the world via online training and consulting. In college, Ben competed in tennis, water polo, and volleyball, and now competes as a top ranked triathlete and Spartan athlete and a multiple Ironman Hawaii finisher. Ben resides in Spokane, Washington with his wife, Jessa, and twin boys, River and Terran. This presentation was filmed during Biohacker Summit UK in May 2016. Check 🤍 for upcoming events & tickets!

I Tried Biohacker's $2,000,000 Routine To Reverse Aging


🍿 I Tried Biohacker's $110,000,000 Routine To Hack Focus: 🤍 I Tried 🤍BryanJohnson's $2,000,000 Anti-Aging Protocol.. without spending $2,000,000 a year. Here are the 9 key principles of his protocol and how you can implement it into your life today. I made a video one of the easiest things you can do today to supercharge your health and mind: 🤍 His full protocol: 🤍 🪣 Products I personally use (these are affiliate links but you don't pay a higher price): EARS & SKIN Keychain Earplugs: 🤍 Sunscreen + Moisturizer: 🤍 SUPPLEMENTS Vitamin D: 🤍 Fish Oil: 🤍 Multivitamin: 🤍 SLEEP Eight Sleep (Code: REYSU)($150 OFF): 🤍 Blue Blockers: 🤍 Magnesium: 🤍 Phone lockbox: 🤍 🍿 WATCH NEXT I Tried Biohacker's $110,000,000 Routine To Hack Focus: 🤍 I Walked 10,000 steps a day for 1000 days: 🤍 How I Cured My Phone Addiction: 🤍 8 Myths Ruining Your Sleep: 🤍 I Trained Like One Punch Man for 30 Days: 🤍 🤫 EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS Content Corner- 🤍 🔗 LINKS Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 📺 References: My Anti-Aging Protocol Broke a World Record...: 🤍 A typical Blueprint morning / Nov 2021: 🤍 Why I Am Spending Millions To Be 18 Again: 🤍 The Anti-Aging Protocol To REVERSE AGING & Live Over 120+ YEARS OLD | Bryan Johnson: 🤍 Outline: 0:00 Biohacker spends $2,000,000 a year to get 18 year old body 1:00 Stop self-destructive behavior 2:00 Prioritizing health 3:00 Improve your diet 1% at a time 3:52 Supplementation 4:50 Take measurements regularly 5:49 Daily care of skin, vision hearing, and teeth 7:35 Sleep is the new coffee 7:49 How to have amazing sleep 8:35 Caloric restriction and fasting 9:50 Exercise for longevity ♪ Marshmallow (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link: 🤍 Current subscribers: 4995

Biohacking – legales Doping mit Hausmitteln | SWR Wissen


Durch tägliche Biohacks werden Glückshormone ausgeschüttet. Das sagen Biohacker wie Max Gotzler und planen ihren Alltag durch: mit Eisbaden, Skifahren in Badehose, Spezial-Ernährung, Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln, Meditation, Sauerstoffzelt, Neurofeedback, hartem Training. Höchstes Ziel ist der Flow-Zustand, der auch als Moment des absoluten Glücks beschrieben wird. Was sagt die Wissenschaft dazu und wie schaffen es Biohacker, ohne Drogen in solche Zustände zu kommen. Kann das Prinzip Happiness wirklich mit Biohacking funktionieren? 🔬👨‍🔬 Willkommen bei SWR Wissen 👩‍🔬🔬 Mitreißende Geschichten und spannende Wissenschaft – hier findet ihr die Themen, die aktuell diskutiert werden. Direkt aus dem Leben. Wir liefern Hintergründe und ordnen ein - gut recherchiert und frei von Ideologie. Damit ihr euch selbst eine Meinung bilden könnt. Wir freuen uns über den Austausch mit euch und auf eine sachliche Diskussion. Das funktioniert am besten durch einen respektvollen Umgang miteinander. 📖 Unsere Netiquette: 🤍 🧪 Mehr Wissen in der Mediathek: 🤍 ❤️ SWR Wissen: 🤍 ⚗️ Zum Wissensmagazin Odysso: 🤍 _ #Fitness #Training #biohacking

Entrepreneurs Who Are Obsessed With Biohacking. Is It Legit?


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Two Reasons I Hate Biohacking


Watch the full interview with Hannah Fry here: 🤍 Listen to full episodes of the podcast here: Spotify: 🤍 Apple Podcasts: 🤍 Help us continue the fight against medical misinformation and change the world through charity by becoming a Doctor Mike Resident on Patreon where every month I donate 100% of the proceeds to the charity, organization, or cause of your choice! Residents get access to bonus content, an exclusive discord community, and many other perks for just $10 a month. Become a Resident today: 🤍 Let’s connect: IG: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 FB: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Contact Email: DoctorMikeMedia🤍 Executive Producer: Doctor Mike Varshavski Produced by Dan Owens and Sam Bowers Edited by Caroline Weigum Edited by Juan Carlos Zuniga * Select photos/videos provided by Getty Images * The information in this video is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general information purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/health professional

Biohacking Routine


A biohackers morning routine at reset mind & body. Located in the heart of Phoenix Arizona 🙌🏻❤️ #biohacking #biohacker #biohacks #morningroutine #goodvibes #phoenixaz #scottsdale #musclerecovery #fitness #healthshorts #shortsvideo #shortsfeed #coldplunge #coldwater #infraredsauna #redlighttherapy



Fala turma! Trouxe hoje um vídeo muito legal sobre BioHacking, um assunto que gosto muito e que sempre fiz. Biohacking é a tentativa de manipular seu cérebro e corpo para otimizar o seu desempenho. Para Dave Asprey criador do Bulletproof, biohacking é “a arte e a ciência de mudar o ambiente ao seu redor e dentro de você para que você tenha controle total sobre sua própria biologia”. Ele é muito habilidoso para experimentar em seu corpo: ele injeta células-tronco nas articulações, toma dezenas de suplementos diariamente, toma banho de luz infravermelha e muito mais . É tudo parte de sua busca para viver pelo menos até os 180 anos. Algumas de suas técnicas para conseguir isso são coisas que as pessoas vêm fazendo há séculos, como a meditação Vipassana e o jejum intermitente. Os suplementos são outra ferramenta popular no arsenal do biohacker. Há uma grande quantidade de pílulas que as pessoas tomam, de suplementos anti-envelhecimento a nootrópicos ou "drogas inteligentes". - As 4 áreas do Biohacking Grinding - Biohackers que alteram o próprio corpo através do implante de dispositivos cibernéticos. Grande parte dos Grinders desenvolvem e implantam seus dispositivos de modo amador e autônomo — o que veio a causar um alerta na comunidade científica. Biologia DIY - Vertente da biologia que estuda a inovação tecnológica de baixo custo aplicável ao corpo humano. Também é conhecida como “biologia de garagem”, por ter emergido através de experimentos caseiros. Nutrigenômica - É na nutrigenômica que entram as modificações corporais feitas através de alimentos ou suplementação. São desenvolvidos com base nos estudos entre o genoma humano e suas relações com a nutrição individual e saúde. Quantified Self - Método de coleta de dados sobre si mesmo, para análise e aprimoramento pessoal. Tanto com aplicativos ou consultas especializadas sobre DNA. Porque Utilizar o Biohacking ? Resumindo, o Biohacking se resume a algo que todas as pessoas desejam, se sentir melhor. Seja empurrar seu corpo para ver até onde ele aguenta, melhorar seu sistema imunológico para não ficar mais doente. Alguns querem ficar mais fortes, mais rápidos ou mais inteligentes. E alguns querem fazer isso pelo maior tempo possível, ou seja, viver mais. Essas metas podem ser escaladas depois que você determina o seu objetivo e sabe que existem hacks para alcança-los. Existem hacks que você pode usar agora mesmo para passar de doente para saudável, ou de saudável para aprimorado, e aí você começa a pensar: Bem, por que parar por aí? Por que não atirar para obter o melhor desempenho? Por que não tentar viver para sempre? O que começa como um simples desejo de se livrar da dor pode se transformar em uma bola de neve em um auto aperfeiçoamento.

Can Biohacking Make You Fitter Or Thinner? My 2-Week Experiment | Talking Point | Full Episode


Interest in biohacking has exploded worldwide over the past decade. But do biohacking techniques and treatments actually do what they say on the package – speed up the journey to a better body and mind? To find out, Talking Point host Shrey Bhargava dives deep into a two-week experiment with three biohacking therapies – heat-cold therapy, oxygen cocooning, and cryotherapy. At the end of his experiment, he assesses the changes to his physical fitness and brain function – and makes a startling discovery. Watch more #TalkingPoint: 🤍 About the show: Talking Point investigates a current issue or event, offering different perspectives to local stories and revealing how it all affects you. #CNAInsider #CNATalkingPoint #Biohacking #Cryotherapy For more, SUBSCRIBE to CNA INSIDER! 🤍 Follow CNA INSIDER on: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Website: 🤍

From NASA scientist to America’s most wanted biohacker | Josiah Zayner | Heretics


“Nice to f*ckin’ meet you. I’m a biohacker.” Subscribe to Freethink on YouTube ► 🤍 Watch our Heretics playlist ► 🤍 Should complete bodily autonomy be a human right? For instance, should those suffering and dying of diseases that are untreatable have the right to inject themselves with any drug they want in search of a cure? On one hand, when we give someone access to technology and information like this may very well end up hurting themselves. But at the same time, people may also uncover something truly profound and life changing. When it comes to bodily autonomy and biohacking for those with a terminal illness and searching for a cure, you might think it would be an easy sell and something everyone agrees with - but currently, that's far from reality. Watch on ► 🤍 For more info about Josiah and the ODIN ► 🤍 ◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠ Read more of our stories on extreme biohacking: I got a chip implanted in a biohacking garage ► 🤍 The cyborg artist who hears color ► 🤍 A lay person's guide to biohacking ► 🤍 ◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡ Watch our original series: ► Hard Reset: 🤍 ► Just Might Work: 🤍 ► Challengers: 🤍 ◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠◠ About Freethink No politics, no gossip, no cynics. At Freethink, we believe the daily news should inspire people to build a better world. While most media is fueled by toxic politics and negativity, we focus on solutions: the smartest people, the biggest ideas, and the most ground breaking technology shaping our future. ◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡◡ Enjoy Freethink on your favorite platforms: ► Daily editorial features: 🤍​ ► Solutions-based stories, straight to your inbox: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 ► Join the Freethink forum: 🤍

TODOS MEUS BIOHACKS - [Parte 1] | Dr João Vitor Biohacker


Não vou esconder o jogo do biohacking! Tem gente cobrando caro para ensinar o que você vai aprender de graça nesta sequência de três vídeos que eu tô lançando hoje. No vídeo eu falo de todos os hábitos, técnicas, tecnologias e suplementos que eu uso para hackear meu corpo e o ambiente para ter mais saúde e performance física e mental. Biohacking na prática, biohacking raiz, sem firulas. Desconfie de quem complica. Aqui você vai aprender tudo que você precisa saber para começar a ser um biohacker. Todos os dias eu dou dicas e biohacks como estes, me acompanhe nas outras redes também. TODOS MEUS BIOHACKS - Parte 1 | Dr João Vitor Biohacking Link dos produtos mencionados: ✅Óculos Blue Blocker: Lentes Americanas, feito no Brasil. Eles fazem inclusive com grau se você precisar. Use o cupom joaovitor20 para R$ 20 de desconto: 🤍 ✅Tapete de Grounding: 🤍 ✅Ficou alguma dúvida? Deixe nos comentários que eu respondo! Não se esqueça de se inscrever no canal e ativar as notificações! ✅Me siga também em outros canais 🤍 ✅Baixe gratuitamente o Guia do Paciente Moderno: 7 perguntas para fazer ao seu médico 🤍 00:00 : Dr Joao Vitor Biohacking 00:02 : Deixa seu like e se inscreva no canal - Dr João Vitor Biohacker #biohacking #nootropicos #biohacker

Biohacking for a better life | Nate Belmar


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Biohackers | Official Trailer | Netflix


From THC chips to genetic enhancements, welcome to the world of Biohacking. When “Mia” (Luna Wedler) begins her medical degree, she seems like any other student. But when she gains the trust of the brilliant Professor Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), it becomes apparent that she’s hiding a secret so big it could change the fate of humanity. From the director of Girlboss (Christian Ditter) comes a thriller that will make you question the makeup of life itself. Biohackers - Streaming on Netflix from August 20. See more on Instagram 🤍BiohackersNetflix SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 193 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Biohackers | Official Trailer | Netflix 🤍

Desafio do tonel de gelo #shorts #shortvideo #biohacking


Instagram: 🤍rodrigobarbi7 Aprenda tudo sobre biohacking dentro do LABORATÓRIO BIOHACKER 👇🏻 🤍



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BulletProof Coffee: How To Live Longer #shorts #biohack #biohacking #daveasprey #livelonger


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BIOHACKING: La Routine Giornaliera di un Giovane Trader


Scopri il Nuovo Indicatore Semi-Automatico per le StopRun: 🤍 Avere una #RoutineGiornaliera è fondamentale per mantenere un equilibrio mentale e raggiungere obiettivi ambiziosi, anche nel #trading. Oggi vi do la RICETTA della mia routine con un pizzico di #BioHacking. ⏬ ⏬ ⏬ ⏬ 📑 MATERIALE UTILE 📑 Tutte le Schematiche di Accumulazione / Distribuzione di Wyckoff in un PDF Esclusivo: 🤍 Non dimenticarti mai Monitorare il tuo Processo: Scarica Gratis il nostro Trading Journal 🤍 E-Book CFD Gratis: Il Punto Debole degli istituzionali 🤍 E-Book Gratuito sull'ORDERFLOW: 🤍 Scarica ora il Nuovo Manuale di Trading Gratuito 🤍 🤝 CONSIGLIAMO 🤝 La nostra Piattaforma di Analisi Volumetrica Preferita Coupon 10%: MPH10DS 🤍 Ottieni 1 Mese Gratis di Tradingview Pro: 🤍 🕵️LA NOSTRA REALTÀ FORMATIVA: Morpheus Trading institute🕵️ 🤍 📣 I NOSTRI SOCIAL 📣 Seguici su Instagram per sapere in anticipo che video uscirà 🤍 Segui Morpheus su Instagram e non perderti le nostre pillole di Trading: 🤍 Il Nostro Canale Telegram: 🤍 Canale Telegram di Morpheus: 🤍 Guarda le nostre analisi su TradingView: 🤍 ⚠️ DISCLAIMER ⚠️ Questa Video/Diretta e le “idee di trade” non costituiscono in alcun modo un’ invito all’investimento né consulenza in materia di investimenti (ex Art. 1 comma 5 Septies del DLgs 58/98) ma rappresentano esclusivamente il pensiero e le opinioni personali del Team sull’argomento trattato. Esse non sono nemmeno raccomandazioni standardizzate rivolte a pubblico indistinto. Di queste ultime tuttavia replicano alcune caratteristiche, dato che il tipo di messaggio: - non è personalizzato in quanto non è prestato “ad personam” - non è presentato come adatto ad una persona specifica L'autore non conosce alcuna informazione relativa alle caratteristiche personali degli utenti collegati a questo canale, specie flussi reddituali, capacità di sostenere le perdite, consistenza patrimoniale e situazione finanziaria, conoscenza ed esperienze, condizione psicologica, orizzonte temporale e obiettivi di investimento. Chiunque assuma posizioni coerenti con le analisi proposte lo fa sotto la sua esclusiva e totale responsabilità. Gli iscritti al canale devono essere consapevoli che l'operatività sui mercati finanziari comporta un rischio elevato. In particolar modo, si consiglia di NON intraprendere nessuna operazione a coloro che ritengano di poter impiegare il proprio denaro senza rischio operando sui mercati finanziari, attendendosi un risultato costantemente positivo. Le analisi e le informazioni e le opinioni qui esposte, sebbene frutto di un elaborazione accurata vengono fornite a scopo puramente didattico e informativo, senza alcuna garanzia né esplicita né implicita. L'utente esonera ogni responsabilità nei confronti di chiunque partecipi a questo Video/Live per qualsiasi perdita, responsabilità, costo, pretesa, esborso, danno o altro, diretto o indiretto, negligenza compresa, derivante dal tentativo di porre in essere un'operatività coerente con le proprie analisi eventualmente proposte. L'Autore non garantisce correttezza, completezza e attualità delle informazioni. Non è garantita la replicabilità dei risultati tecnici e/o economici eventualmente descritti. Le performance passate non sono garanzia di performance future. 00:00 Introduzione 01:49 Il Bisogno di una Routine 03:18 Bio-Hacking e Routine 04:57 Routine Mattutina 06:48 London Session 07:41 Colazione 08:20 Pale 08:48 Cold Exposure 09:27 Pranzo 11:58 NY Session 12:36 Gestione Community 12:54 Cena 15:04 Relax e nanne 16:00 Conclusioni

Biohacking Explained!


Biohackers | Offizieller Trailer | Netflix


Von THC-Chips bis hin zu genetischen Verbesserungen: Willkommen in der Welt des Biohackings. Als Mia (Luna Wedler) ihr Medizinstudium beginnt, wirkt sie wie alle anderen Studenten. Doch als sie sich das Vertrauen der brillanten Professorin Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz) sichert, wird offensichtlich, dass sie ein Geheimnis verbirgt – ein Geheimnis so groß, das es das Schicksal der gesamten Menschheit ändern könnte. Der Regisseur von „Girlboss“ (Christian Ditter) liefert einen Thriller ab, der einen das Design des Lebens selbst hinterfragen lässt. Biohackers – ab 20. August auf Netflix Mehr auf Instagram 🤍BiohackersNetflix Abonniere den YouTube-Kanal von Netflix Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz: 🤍 Über Netflix Netflix ist mit 183 Millionen zahlenden Mitgliedern in über 190 Ländern der größte Streaming-Entertainment-Dienst weltweit und bietet Zugriff auf eine große Auswahl vielfältiger Serien, Dokumentationen und Spielfilme in zahlreichen Sprachen. Mitglieder können die Inhalte jederzeit, überall und mit fast jedem beliebigen internetfähigen Endgerät unbegrenzt streamen, ohne dauerhafte Verpflichtungen einzugehen. Die Wiedergabe der ausgewählten Titel kann dabei ganz ohne Werbeunterbrechungen jederzeit gestartet, unterbrochen und fortgesetzt werden. Folge Netflix: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Biohackers | Offizieller Trailer | Netflix 🤍

Biohacking: o que é e como aumenta sua produtividade | Sai da Média #102


Você já ouviu falar em biohacking? E sabia que isto é capaz de disparar a sua produtividade? Vem comigo pro Podcast Sai da Média #102 pra descobrir o que é biohacking e como ele aumenta a sua produtividade!! Existe uma arte que talvez você não conheça… Estou falando da arte de manipular o ambiente externo ou interno para uma melhor performance física e mental. “Que diacho é isso, Geronimo?” Estou falando de biohacking!!! No Podcast Sai da Média #102 eu e Paty trouxemos dois convidados mais do que especiais: Marcos e Veronica, do The Zen Happy Family. E tivemos um papo INCRÍVEL sobre biohacking e produtividade. Então confere o Sai da Média e aprenda quais técnicas de biohacking você pode usar para disparar a sua produtividade!!! vamooooooooo Quer receber um e-mail escrito pessoalmente por mim com uma estratégia semanal para você evoluir? Clica neste link: 🤍 👉 Instagram The Zen Happy Family: 🤍 Me segue lá nas redes sociais: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #SaiDaMédia #RecuseAmediocridade #GeronimoTheml



In questo video vediamo tutti i trucchi di biohacking che utilizzo la mattina. Qui sotto trovi i video di approfondimento 🔊VIDEO SCOTHC SULLA BOCCA: 🤍 👉SCOTHC MICROPORE su AMAZON: 🤍 🔊VIDEO GROUNDING: 🤍 👉LENZUOLO GROUNDING: 🤍 - 🔊VIDEO LUCE ROSSA: 🤍 👉Lampada ADVANCE 900 vista nel video: 🤍 📢10% di sconto con il codice DISCA 👉FASCIA COLLO: 🤍 👉FASCIA LOMBARE: 🤍 👉FASCIA CAVIGLIA: 🤍 👉FASCIA POLSO: 🤍 👉FASCIA TESTA: 🤍 - 🔊VIDEO su COME AVERE un VISO PIU ATTRAENTE: 🤍 👉ALLENATORE MASCELLA: 🤍 - 🔊VIDEO DIGIUNO INTERMITTENTE: 🤍 - 🔊VIDEO CREATINA: 🤍 👉CREATINA che USO IO: 🤍 🔊VIDEO ASHWAGANDHA: 🤍 👉ASHWAGANDHA KSM-66: 🤍 🔊VIDEO MACA + THE VERDE: 🤍 👉MACA da 5000mg: 🤍 👉MACA nera da 4000mg: 🤍 👉TE' VERDE in CAPSULE: 🤍 👉BACOPA MONNIERI: 🤍 - 📢MIO CORSO PROFESSIONE YOUTUBER: 🤍 Luca Discacciati è ambassador di 🤍Flowe Il conto che ti aiuta a sviluppare il tuo potenziale prendendoti cura del Pianeta: 🤍 - 🔴IL MIO SHOP su AMAZON: 🤍 - #biohacking

Biohacking: facciamo un po' di chiarezza!


Disponibile adesso “psiq” - Salute Mentale: istruzioni per l’uso, il nuovo libro del Dr. Valerio Rosso: 🤍 Biohacking, ne parlano ormai davvero tutti..... non vi mancava il mio parere?!?! 💥🙂 Biohacking, per prima cosa bisogna fare un pochino di chiarezza..... Questo video sarà un pochino ironico ma neppure molto, in realtà! Intanto qual è la definizione di biohacking? Il biohacking è una pratica che si concentra sulla sperimentazione e l'applicazione di tecniche di biologia, genetica e altre scienze della vita per modificare e migliorare il funzionamento del corpo umano, animale o vegetale. Questa pratica può includere l'uso di strumenti e tecniche avanzate, come la manipolazione genetica, la modifica del microbioma, l'uso di sostanze chimiche e la tecnologia di avanzamento per migliorare la salute e le prestazioni. Tuttavia, il biohacking può anche includere pratiche più semplici, come l'adozione di diete specifiche, l'uso di integratori e l'esercizio fisico regolare per migliorare la salute e il benessere. In generale, il biohacking si concentra sulla sperimentazione e l'auto-miglioramento attraverso l'applicazione della scienza e della tecnologia alla biologia umana e animale. Bene..... tutto giusto? In realtà no...... L'essere umano è un essere complesso, dotato di una vasta gamma di emozioni e di pensieri. Tuttavia, non sempre è facile riuscire a comprendere appieno il proprio potenziale. Tra le cause che possono limitare la nostra realizzazione, ci sono le dipendenze nascoste e lo stress nascosto. Le dipendenze nascoste possono assumere molte forme. Si può trattare di dipendenza da cibo, alcol, droghe, lavoro, social media e così via. Queste dipendenze possono sembrare innocue in apparenza, ma in realtà possono limitare la nostra capacità di sperimentare il mondo e di realizzare il nostro potenziale. Ad esempio, una dipendenza da cibo può impedirci di esplorare la cucina di altre culture o di impegnarci in attività fisiche che richiedono un'adeguata forma fisica. Allo stesso modo, una dipendenza da social media può impedirci di coltivare relazioni significative nella vita reale. Inoltre, lo stress nascosto è un altro fattore che può impedirci di raggiungere il nostro pieno potenziale. Lo stress può derivare da molte fonti, come le relazioni interpersonali, il lavoro, le preoccupazioni finanziarie, le malattie e così via. Tuttavia, a volte lo stress può essere nascosto e può sfuggire alla nostra attenzione. Ad esempio, potremmo sentirsi stressati senza capire il motivo, oppure potremmo ignorare il nostro livello di stress perché riteniamo che sia normale o che non abbiamo tempo di affrontarlo. In ogni caso, lo stress nascosto può limitare la nostra capacità di concentrazione, di prendere decisioni e di agire in modo efficace. Per superare le dipendenze nascoste e lo stress nascosto, dobbiamo innanzitutto riconoscerli e affrontarli. Ciò significa che dobbiamo prendere il tempo per esplorare i nostri pensieri e i nostri sentimenti e cercare di capire il motivo per cui ci sentiamo in un certo modo. Potrebbe essere utile cercare l'aiuto di un terapeuta o di un professionista della salute mentale per affrontare queste questioni in modo più approfondito. #biohacking Il Dr. Valerio Rosso, su questo canale YouTube, si dedica a produrre delle brevi lezioni di psichiatria rivolte ai pazienti, agli operatori della salute mentale, ai famigliari dei pazienti, agli studenti di medicina, agli specializzandi in psichiatria e a chiunque sia interessato alla salute mentale, alla psichiatria ed alle neuroscienze. ISCRIVETEVI AL MIO CANALE ► 🤍 Vi interessano la Psichiatria e le Neuroscienze? Bene, allora iscrivetevi a questo canale YouTube e seguitemi sul web tramite il mio blog 🤍 Scoprite tutti i miei libri: 🤍 Scoprite la mia Musica: 🤍 Visitate anche il mio blog: 🤍 Avete mai sentito parlare del progetto psiq? Andate subito ad informarvi su 🤍 ed iscrivetevi alla newsletter. Abbonati a questo canale per assistere in prima fila alle LIVE con ospiti strepitosi a cui fare tutte le domande che vorrete, e per accedere a tutti gli altri vantaggi: 🤍

Jak wygląda moja poranna rutyna - czyli poranek biohackera [KNOW HOW] - Karol Wyszomirski


Chcesz dowiedzieć się jak zaczynam swój dzień, co jest kluczowym elementem mojej rutyny i bez czego nie wyobrażam sobie poranka? Wideo z nowej serii KNOW HOW

People Who Took Biohacking Too Far


How could it be possible for a colorblind man to hear colors? The answer is kind of shocking! Check out today's new controversial video to have a look at different ways people will be able to alter themselves! 🔔 SUBSCRIBE TO THE INFOGRAPHICS SHOW ► 🤍 🔖 MY SOCIAL PAGES TikTok ► 🤍 Discord ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 💭 Find more interesting stuff on: 🤍 📝 SOURCES:🤍 All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

DAVE ASPREY - BIOHACKER: How To Become The Ultimate Super Human - Part 1/2 | London Real


2022 SUMMIT TICKETS: 🤍 Watch the full episode for free here: 🤍 Dave Asprey is the silicon valley tech entrepreneur, author, broadcaster, and world-recognised biohacker. He is the founder and CEO of Bulletproof, the diet and lifestyle company best known for Bulletproof Coffee, a unique recipe that has helped everyone from CEOs to professional athletes up their physical and mental game. Dave has written five books, including the New York Times bestsellers “HeadStrong” and “Gamechangers” and he hosts the webby award-winning podcast BulletProof Radio. DAVE ASPREY: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 LATEST EPISODE: 🤍 FREE FULL EPISODES: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: 🤍 #LondonReal #Motivation #TransformYourselfBook a Free 1:1 Coaching Call: 🤍 LATEST EPISODE: 🤍 FREE FULL EPISODES: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE: 🤍 #LondonReal #Motivation #TransformYourself DISCLAIMER: Content on this channel references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.

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