Scene from Moneyball - What is the problem?

Adam Staab

Adam Staab

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My favorite scene from Moneyball. Starring Brad Pitt.

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Scene from Moneyball - What is the problem?
Scene from Moneyball - What is the problem?
Scene from Moneyball - What is the problem?
Scene from Moneyball - What is the problem?
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M'aiq, The Liar
2023-09-18 02:23:43

These guys are the best representation of boomers lol

2023-09-10 00:33:32

Ugly girlfriend means no confidence? 😂😂😂

Ethan Rico
2023-08-20 02:54:17

Wedding Ring?

2023-08-19 04:42:47

If we try to play like the yankees in here, we will lose to the yankees out there

What. A. Line.

Joe Starkey
2023-06-23 14:44:35

In ‘23, the Mets have ~5.68x higher total payroll than the A’s. 20 teams have @ least 2x payroll as the A’s

2023-06-20 14:26:05

"There are rich teams and there are poor teams. Then there's John Fisher and his 50 feet of crap piled on us."

2023-06-18 05:42:01

Who's Fabio?

Jonathan Gault
2023-06-16 10:51:57


Jonathan Gault
2023-06-16 10:49:39

Careful to and behave

John G
2023-06-13 13:44:39

Whoever the actor that plays Grady is absolutely phenomenal. I want to punch him in the face so bad! Well done sir

John G
2023-06-13 13:43:23

Now if you give anyone 400 at bats, they’ll get better. You give my fat ass 400 attempts and I’m knocking that thing at least to the mound

Chris Bell
2023-06-12 18:13:03

I think u don't know who I am do u think please think 🤔🤔

George Manka
2023-06-05 09:37:00

What a fantastic movie!

2023-06-04 01:29:37

Why is Billy trying to dominate them 😂

Alim Meralli
2023-06-04 01:07:05

pWgyy_rlmag&t=2m30s 2:30 could not be more true today with the current Oakland team

Rod Croft
2023-06-03 12:08:41

I can tell you; with how patronizing the head scout was to his superior Billy Beane he deserved to be put in his place

2023-06-02 14:07:06

Is there another Jason Giambi
even if there was, could we afford him
Then what the fuck are you talking about man

Jay Hysterio
2023-04-24 00:08:30

This is the best scene in the film because it shows the conflict between raw numbers and intuition. I can see both sides of the argument. Baseball is probably the hardest sport to judge talent. On one hand, Beane made some astute acquisitons based on the limited resources he had available. On the other hand the film and book ignored the contributions made by Tejada, Chavez, Dye, Mulder, Zito, Koch and Hudson that were obtained through traditional methods and probably would've guaranteed success. Then again, the players that Beane did get performed exactly as he said they would...Justice, Hatteberg, Bradford had very good seasons and cost them very little. Giambi and Pena never did reach the level expected of them after being traded.

20 years later, is this film relevant today? Hard to say, the game changed to a free swinging, high strikeout, risk reward game but with the new rule changes that are favoring high contact it may be coming back to Moneyball. Sadly the Oakland franchise is so pathetic present day they're really not a team to make a definitive statement about. I suspect there is and has always been the trend to a team that, as simplistic as it sounds, combines basic hitting and hitting with enough power as well as defense and pitching depth. The magic bullet doesn't exist in the game.

2023-04-16 01:24:24

I swear the first time I saw this I thought the one dude was John Wayne Gacey 😂

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